Ecological Transactional Analysis


'Praxis' refers to the development of theory and understanding through experience of action. We want to share some of the ideas emerging from TA practitioners who are beginning to orientate their work with the Earth in mind. If you think that you have something to share with those interested in Eco-TA please get in touch with Hayley or Giles. We are featuring work that has originated from the direct experience of connecting with the outdoors, and which has then been through a process of discernment, perhaps through collaboration with colleagues interested in Eco-TA.

We are grateful to Catherine Allen who created the following montage capturing some of the activities and experience of the first introductory Eco-TA programme carried out in early 2020. Thank you to all the participants of the pioneering programme.


Emerging, Niki Wisbey

I’m blinded by brightness. I’m deafened by noise, I am alive and I am excited. I explode into my new world, throwing myself wide open, stretching and stretching. Oh the relief, to feel the air upon me, around me, the freshness, I breathe deeply, taking gulps of fresh clean air. I open myself up, feeling the suns warmth, I begin to unfold, shaking myself free of the tightness that’s become my norm and lay myself out for the sun to warm and feed me. The pulsating within strengthens further and I know this is only the very beginning.